Sa. Dez 2nd, 2023

• Optimism (OP) experienced a 70% decrease in daily transaction count since the completion of its Optimism Quests programme.
• Cronos Chain now has an official v1.0 version number following the completion of the Galileo mainnet upgrade earlier this year.
• DPA Token (DPAT), the protocol opening up African investments to the global crypto community, remains an international hot topic.

Optimism (OP): Decrease in Transaction Volume

Built on top of Ethereum (ETH), Optimism (OP) is currently one of the leading layer-2 blockchains in the crypto market. By using optimistic rollups, Optimism benefits from the security of the Ethereum mainnet and helps scale its ecosystem. After experiencing a significant increase in daily transactions on the layer-2 network, Optimism has observed a 70% decrease in daily transaction count since it completed its ‘Optimism Quests’ programme at the end of January 2023. The Quests were a series of 18 tasks that guided users through various network features such as swapping, lending, staking etc., with an aim to improve user experience within their ecosystem. Data from Dune Analytics shows that just days before concluding this program, on January 12th, daily transactions on the layer-2 network peaked at 760,000 – marking its highest ever rate since launch two years ago.

Cronos Chain: Upgrade to Version 1.0

Cronos is a layer-1 blockchain network based on Cosmos SDK technology that is interoperable with Ethereum and allows developers to instantly port dApps and assets from other layer-1 blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana BNB Chain and Terra; designed to scale DeFi sector & user base for decentralized applications (dApps). Following their upgrade called Galileo MainNet earlier this year, Cronos Chain now has an official v1.0 version number which intends to enhance performance with regard to quickness, effectiveness & dependability when running dApps or transactions across their platform.

DPA Token: Hot Topic Across Africa & Globally

DPA Token (DPAT) is gaining traction globally after initiating African investments into global crypto communities via its protocol – furthering access to digital assets across different parts of Africa and beyond while providing yield farmers more opportunities for profits despite local restrictions or financial regulations imposed by governments or banks within certain countries/regions across Africa continent – making it one of hottest topics internationally right now concerning African investments & potentials available within cryptocurrency markets worldwide!

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The weekly performances from Optimism (OP), Cronos(CRO) & DPA Token remain varied but highly interesting developments have been seen regarding both OP’s ‚Quests‘ program and CRO’s upgrade to v1.0; meanwhile DPAT continues gain traction globally thanks to initiatives aiming at granting access across different parts Africa while also providing yield farmers more opportunities for profits – follow us here at John Kiguru for all your latest crypto news needs!

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