Mi. Feb 21st, 2024

The 59th episode Honigdachs is here, the Bitcoin podcast that Stefan, Manuel and I started because we only talked about Bitcoin once a month at the Leipzig Bitcoin get-together . (Subscribe to the podcast)

Honey Badger # 59 – New Year, New Bitcoin Projects

After the mood in the last episode of 2020 ended in minor, things are looking different again at the beginning of 2021. Although there are a number of annoying and worrying events to discuss again this time – data leaks, regulatory idiocy, journalism failure, etc. – the positives still predominate for us. Because not only is the Bitcoin exchange rate stable “over 9000” ( cheap! Cheap! ), But Bitcoin as a whole is also maturing and growing.

We are not entirely innocent of this either. Because anyone who deals intensively with Bitcoin for a long time knows the phenomenon. Before you know it, you are suddenly no longer just a passive participant or observer, but become active yourself and get something going.

Electricity, money, future – we have to talk and act!

We have two new projects at the start, which we will present in this episode and which we will probably come back to again and again in the next: Magic Future Money and netpositive.money

But hear for yourself what they are all about and give us feedback on what you think of both.

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