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• Ripple has won a landmark court battle in which the court ruled XRP is not a security, setting a precedent for the entire U.S. crypto industry.
• The decision established that XRP, as a digital token, is not inherently a security and repudiates the SEC’s theory that all crypto tokens should be classified as securities.
• The ruling will have far-reaching implications across the entire U.S. crypto industry and serves as an impetus for Congress to establish clear regulations for crypto in the U.S.

Ripple Wins Historic Court Battle

Ripple has secured a landmark victory in court after the judge ruled XRP is not a security with far-reaching implications across the U.S. cryptocurrency industry. This sets an important precedent and challenges the SEC’s stance that all standalone crypto tokens should be classified as securities without legal support for such an argument. Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his hope that this decision will serve as the turning point for Congress to establish clear rules for cryptocurrency in America.

The Court’s Decision on XRP

The court’s decisive judgement on July 13 was that XRP is not a security but rather just another digital token like Bitcoin or Ethereum, challenging the SEC’s theory of classifying all standalone tokens as securities without merit or backing from law enforcement agencies. This ruling also established several key findings related to Ripple and its relationship with XRP:
1) Sales of XRP by Ripple on exchanges are not securities;
2) Sales of XRP by Ripple executives are not securities; and
3) Distributions of XRP by Ripple to developers, charities, and employees are also deemed non-securities by law enforcement officials.

Progress Worth Fighting For

After nearly 3 years of fighting their case in court, Ripple finally achieved their desired result when it comes to clarifying regulation around their native token – progress worth fighting for according to CEO Brad Garlinghouse who expressed his hopes that this momentous occasion will encourage Congress to pass clear laws concerning cryptocurrency regulations within America’s borders soon enough..

Ripple Chief Legal Officer Stu Alderoty

Ripple Chief Legal Officer Stu Alderoty further highlighted how this decision differentiates between tokens themselves and methods of sale associated with them when he stated that “XRP is not an investment contract” – giving rise to more clarity around what constitutes regulated activities involving cryptocurrencies moving forward from here on out..


Overall, this historic win marks a major milestone for both Ripple and America’s cryptocurrency industry at large – signalling better days ahead when it comes to regulation surrounding digital assets within US jurisdiction boundaries moving towards the future..

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