Mi. Feb 21st, 2024

• Shiba Inu (SHIB) lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has confirmed the team is working on something big, which sent shockwaves to the crypto market.
• The price of SHIB has gained 16 percent in the past week and is trading around $0.0000079 due to increased interest from institutional investors.
• The Shibarmy is eagerly awaiting the launch of the Shibarium layer two blockchain, which will introduce a SHIB burn mechanism and increase on-chain activity.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Sends Shockwaves

The Shiba Inu project recently sent shockwaves to the cryptocurrency market after lead developer Shytoshi Kusama confirmed that they are working on something big and it will be released soon enough. As a result of this news, the price of SHIB has gained approximately 16 percent in the past week to trade around $0.0000079.

Increased Interest from Institutional Investors

The entire crypto market saw bullish sentiments as institutional investors showed increased interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, leading to various investment management firms filing for a Bitcoin EFT. This signals a new era for crypto adoption.

Shibarmy Awaiting Shibarium Layer Two Blockchain Launch

The Shibarmy has been eagerly waiting for the launch of Shibarium layer two blockchain, which is expected to add fuel for a potential crypto bull rally with its features such as SHIB burn mechanism and increased on-chain activity..

Shibarium Layer Two Features

The most interesting feature of Shibarium layer two blockchains is its SHIB burn mechanism which helps increase value of existing tokens by burning more than 41 percent of circulating supply so far. Additionally, early beta test have been running since March 11th in order to ensure quality products for their community members.


With its recent developments, Shiba Inu project has managed to capture attention from both individual as well as institutional investors who are increasing their investment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin leading us into a new era of crypto adoption. We can expect upcoming projects from Shiba Inu team including an official launch date for their much awaited Shibarium layer two blockchain soon enough!

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